Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our earth is sick now....

So start action & GO GREEN NOW b4 it is too late!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pan Mee at Taman Mirhaja~~

This stall is located in front of a block of apartments where they operate from a makeshift stall, this place has no name but everyone knows it as "the pan mee place at Miharja" or "the pan mee place under the big tree". They make a few varieties here - the rough cut version known as Mee Hoon Kueh and the machine shredded noodles version. You get a choice between the dry version and soup here.

What I like about this place is the dough of the noodles is silky smooth. It seems the secret ingredients is butter! They're also very generous with their toppings - shredded black fungus, sayur manis leaves, crunchy ikan bilis, chopped coriander and deep fried shallot. Although there is also minced meat, it is very little thus making these noodles almost vegetarian. Another item they sell is the pork ball - delicious with dry cuttlefish bits.

The chili sauce is also potent with lots of chopped green chilies and seeds to give it the fiery heat needed. Help yourself from bottles they will place at your table when you get your bowl of noodles. The stall also sells drinks - herbal tea and cincau. The portions here are big - a generous bowl costs RM4.50 (large portion) which will come chockfull of ingredients.

rough cut version of pan mee also known as "mit"

soup pan mee....i personally like dis due to the taste of celery^^

dry pan mee...

the chilli sambal...

Pan Mee Stall
In front of Miharja Flats,
At the crossroads of Jalan Palong and Jalan Kelian,
Kuala Lumpur.

Hoi Tong BBQ Steamboat~~

This BBQ Steamboat shop is located at Bukit Serdang. It’s easy to spot this big restaurant but it’s a pain to find parking. Worse still , the parking space is uneven, narrow and rocky. As usual, the restaurant is fully packed and sometimes you may have to wait for tables or end up in a bad spot(at the sides).
The ingredients are placed at the right corner of the restaurants....This include marinated meats, various types of balls, seafood, mee, ice-cream as well as fruits....Abundant banana leaves and butter are available for you to bbq...Besides that, for the steamboat part, there is two types of soup which is clear soup and tomyam.

the signboard....

full-house.....every1 busy eating & chatting....

various types of ingredients......self service....

marinated meats....

the side view of the bbq hotplate....

the top view....

unlimited supply of ice-cream...

fruits after the meal!!.........

12, Jalan Aman, Seri Kembangan.

Yellow Cab Pizza~~~

There are 3 outlets of Yellow Cab Pizza at KL...1 is at Jln Raja Abdullah as shown in the photos below, 1 is at Ampang & 1 is at USJ...Yellow Cab Pizza Co, where their tagline is "when you want great pizza, call a cab", is actually a Phillipine franchise.

Two types of pizza available - classic and specialty. The pizzas come in 3 sizes - 10, 14 and 18 inches. There is one type of pizza called four season pizza whereby you can chooose 4 flavours on a pizza. As I only been there once, I like the NY Classic with beef pepperoni slices. It is a simple pizza but very tasty probably because they use tasty beef pepperoni. The texture of the pizza is not chewy and is thin..nice..there is also no soggy bits in the middle with these pizzas....

the frontage and yellow motorbikes that grabbed our attention and the tourists

the eye-catching Vespa lookalikes

the NY classic side of the Four Seasons Pizza (RM28.60 for a 10 inch pizza)

the roasted garlic and shrimp side of the Four Seasons Pizza

the anchovy lovers side of the 4 seasons pizza (dis 1 i found it quite salty)

twice-baked potato halves (RM12.80) for 6 pieces with sour cream and chives

Tel: 03- 2694 2003

(Halal. Minimum order is RM20 for pizzas, with RM2 delivery charge. The delivery area is quite limited. You can opt to dine in - downstairs and upstairs. Prices for the pizzas range from RM19 to RM28.60 for the 10 inch pizzas, RM30.50 to RM44.70 for 14 inch pizzas and RM47.80 to RM69.70 for the 18 inch pizzas. Extras cost from RM12.80 to RM16.80 that include pastas, calzone and potato halves.)

Try to check it out their website!

Join them at Facebook as well!

Yellow Cab Pizza Co

At the corner of Jalan Raja Abdullah
and Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ampang Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo~~

Foong Foong Restaurant is a restaurant sellling 'yong tau foo' which has more than 20years history dy....You will have to order that the counter, tell them how many pieces of what yong tau foo pieces you want. You will be seated and then your glass of leong char (herbal tea) will arrive. Your orders made through and your food will be arriving in a few minutes.

the outlook of the shop....

This is the platter of yong tau includes lady’s finger, bitter gould, tau fu, chili and fish ball. Fish balls were notable very “bouncy”. The platter will go well with a group of people. Rice will be an option to go with the yong tau fu or you may more prefer eating it plain with the sweet sauce and the chili sauce.

The fried dumplings and fried foo chuk were v nice! The dumpling was hot. Every bite can feel the crunchiness of the cripsy skin and the mixed meat fillings.

The sui kow's filling was big, very mouthful. The filling was a combination of prawn and pork. This was good.

621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang,
68000 Ampang

Ikan Bakar Broga~~~

This is a wonderful place to eat grilled fish. It is located in a very remote area where it does not even exist in the map. To get to this place, you have to know the location of a very famous chinese temple in Broga. This temple is named "sek na tok". After you reach the front gate of the temple, take a turn to your left and go straight and you can see the restaurant on your left.

There is a lake beside the restaurant and mountains behind the restaurant. The environment is beautiful! The special cuisine of this restaurant is the grilled tilapia(非洲鱼). The tilapia fishes are reared in the lake and hence the fish served are fresh.

According to the villager, freshwater fish (淡水鱼) like Tilapia usually has a strong natural smell (泥土味)which attributes to the small number of people who prefer to eat these types of fish. However, at this restaurant, before the tilapia is being grilled, the fishes taken from the fresh water pond are transferred to the normal clean water pond for 3 days to clear the natural smell.

The restaurant beside the lake which is fulled with talapia fishes....

the fishes were wrapped with the aluminium foil and bakar on top of the hot charcoal....

lots of customers....

asam fish....

the signature dish of the restaurant....

ladies fingers & brinjals......

the texture is SO GOOD!! & most importantly fresh!!

Broga Fish Farm/Recreational Fishing Park,
Day off: Thursday
Open on Public Hols & Weekend...
11am to 7pm.

Tutti Fruitti Frozen Yoghurt~~~

frozen yogurt…that cold zingy tang on your tongue that is creamy and icily refreshing without the richness of an ice cream.... this shop...tutti fruiti is found at puchong IOI, there are other branches as well which is located at Sunway Pyramid, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Capital Square, TTDI and Berjaya Time Square.

The yoghurt are available in original,vanilla,chocolate,strawberry,lychee,grape,and etc. It charged RM0.53 per 100gm, which means you pay for how much you get...there are various toppings for you to choose as well to add on to the frozen yoghurt...This shop offers self-service, which means you have to go to the dispenser and take how much frozen yoghurt u want...

Prices are a bit high for a cup of frozen yogurt (ranging anywhere from rm8-rm15) especially since you can get gelato or ice cream for less…but if you love yogurt like I do or if you’re looking for ways to indulge while still being a bit healthy then I think it’s totally worth it!

this is the puchong IOI mall outlet....

the environment inside to enjoy a cup of frozen yoghurt...

self service at the dispenser....

you can choose to have combination of flavours...

you can also choose various toppings to add-on.....

Join them at FACEBOOK!! :

or visit their OFFICIAL WEBSITE :

Tutti Fruitti
EG3A, Ground Floor IOI Mall,
Batu 9, Jalan Puchong,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170, Puchong,